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My Kool Dog - The K9 Cooler

This bowl has been designed to take with you any time you are out with your pet.
It is a two compartment bowl with the ability to put ice in the bottom compartment to keep the water on the top cold. If you need an additional bowl of water before you return home you put the lid on and turn the unit upside down and the melted ice will refill the top compartment. If you will be traveling in the warmer weather the bottom compartment can be filled with water and placed in the freezer. A block of ice will last longer than ice cubes.  View how this bowl works!
This bowl is dishwasher safe.  Comes only in the colors shown.
Size 4 1/2" h x 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" d
Bottom compartment holds 4 cups of ice.






My Kool Dog - Dog on the Run Bag

Water, treats, leash, towel, doggie bags, toys, spare front door key, your phone ... meeting friends for coffee? going to the park? a ride in the car to visit friends? and not sure what to do with it all? Simple ... put everything in one convenient place; Dog on the Run Bag!
There is enough room for some of your items as well so you can carry only one bag and still have everything the both of you need and yes, it is washable.
Keep it packed and hang it by the front door and you will always be prepared and ready to go on a moment's notice.

Choice of Colors: Red, Bright Yellow, Blue
Size: 18"h x 13"w x 6"d
Fabric: 600d Polyester & 300 D Ripstop
Item Weight: .68 lb





My Kool Dog - Bundle Package

We appreciate your business and would like to offer you a discount when you purchase both of these items. You still select your choice of color for the bag.
Package Contains your color of choice of one, Dog on The Run Bag. and The K9 Cooler



Dear My Kool Dog,

"This is our dog Sam, we purchased your bowl to bring with us on a weekend trip we were taking. It was easy to use and came in quite handy. When we returned home I put it in the garage to store until our next trip. Later that week we were taking Sam to the local Dog Park and my husband suggested we bring the bowl. We did and this is Sam protecting it. :) Usually Sam will share his things but he refused to share this bowl! Thank you for a great American Made Product and I feel better having Sam drink from his own bowl with water we supply so I know it is clean and safe..
Good Job Kool Dog."

Brenda K -Virginia

Dear Sir/Madam

"We purchased our K9 Cooler for our new rescue Sparky. We are so enjoying integrating this handsome boy into our family and bring him along when ever possible. He enjoys his cool water and we enjoy the ease of bringing it along. Thank You"

Dan R- New York.










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